Don’t Leave It Too Late! Book Your Holiday Early or Risk Losing Your Ideal Getaway.

luxury algarve holiday rentalsIt happened so many times this year and it was a huge pity and a pain for so many of our guests. With the problems in North Africa, Turkey, Greece and more recently the South Of France, holiday-makers have been choosing to travel to perceived “safe-haven” holiday destinations.

That has had two serious downsides for travellers.

The first is that holiday and accommodation prices in the “safer” destinations have increased, together with car-hire rates, flight costs and so on.

The second is that accommodation and holidays are being booked much earlier. This is particularly true for larger villas. The chances are that if you don’t book a villa the best part of nine months or more in advance, and you’re looking for dates in July or August, then you could struggle to find your best choice.

So, our advice is;

Book early to;

Secure your ideal holiday home or resort

Get the best rate for your holiday possible

Save on car-hire and flights

Organise your car hire insurance from home to avoid the car hire company excess charges

Often, especially for resorts, or holiday apartment rentals, you can change yo
ur dates if you book your break before your flights. It’s not guaranteed, but when there are multiple units, it’s usually viable.

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