Don’t Leave It Too Late! Book Your Holiday Early or Risk Losing Your Ideal Getaway.

luxury algarve holiday rentalsIt happened so many times this year and it was a huge pity and a pain for so many of our guests. With the problems in North Africa, Turkey, Greece and more recently the South Of France, holiday-makers have been choosing to travel to perceived “safe-haven” holiday destinations.

That has had two serious downsides for travellers.

The first is that holiday and accommodation prices in the “safer” destinations have increased, together with car-hire rates, flight costs and so on.

The second is that accommodation and holidays are being booked much earlier. This is particularly true for larger villas. The chances are that if you don’t book a villa the best part of nine months or more in advance, and you’re looking for dates in July or August, then you could struggle to find your best choice.

So, our advice is;

Book early to;

Secure your ideal holiday home or resort

Get the best rate for your holiday possible

Save on car-hire and flights

Organise your car hire insurance from home to avoid the car hire company excess charges

Often, especially for resorts, or holiday apartment rentals, you can change yo
ur dates if you book your break before your flights. It’s not guaranteed, but when there are multiple units, it’s usually viable.

Click here for a full list of our holiday properties. For special offers, just visit our SPECIALS page. Not all of our discounts are published, so please contact us.

Our Family and Baby-Friendly Rental homes

Baby and Family-Friendly Holiday Homes In the Algarve

  Scroll down for our holiday homes

We’ve specialised in family friendly holidays since 2007, and can safely say that we’re pretty good at it. Our baby-friendly homes are provided with high-chairs, stair-gates, baby baths, baby monitors, and a host of other very useful items such as bottle sterilisers. When you book your home you’ll see a long list of available items from which to choose. If there something missing, please let us know and we can provide it if we can.

We’ve a panel of excellent professionals from doctors, dentists, activity providers, all of whom have been chosen because they’re great with kids, and all of that information is available. If you need help, we’re either on-site, or only a phone call away.

You don’t need to decide on your holiday home immediately. You’re more than welcome to contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Child-minding by experienced minders is also available at all of the properties on provision of adequate notice.

Villa Da Laguna

Vilamoura luxury golf villa 1

Luxury Six Bedroom Villa With Beautiful Sunsets

This spectacular villa has stair-gates, and a full complement of baby and child accessories, toys, monitors etc. We can also insert a safety barrier between the house and pool


 Villa Catarina

Villa Goswami 2

Villa Catarina is certainly a “bling” property. It has a wide range of baby and children’ accessories, stair-gates and toys available. It’s all listed on your drop down menu when you book

Salgados Resort – Large 3 Bedroom luxury apartment

Salgados Luxury beach resort algarve

We have two huge apartments, one on the ground floor and one directly above it, which is access by lift or stairs. They have massive terraces which overlook four great pools.

Vidamar Resort (Five Star resort with hotel and private villas)

algarve five star resort 5

UltimateAlgarve has exclusivity on a number of exquisite 2,3 and 4 bedroom villas which are a stone’s throw from Vidamar hotel building and spa, and a short walk to the glorious Salgados beach. We’ve equipped these houses for great safety and convenience.Each house has its own private pool but also, the resort boasts a 70 by 25 metre main pool and three more family pools.

There’s also a kids’ club, and we can offer, in particular,fantastic rates for families visiting  outside July and August, but we’ve also discounted rates for these two busiest months also.

Holiday like a millionaire without spending like one!

Villa Goswami 2

6 bedroom Luxury Villa

Luxury Yacht Charters – A breeze when split between 10 people or more (or with a little haggling during quieter months)


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a holiday in a villa that looks like the Kardashians would be delighted with? Luxury villas are justifiably expensive to rent, however, they can be affordable, and times, fantastic value.

Here are a few tips & observations that you might find useful;

Time your holiday if you can

There are six to eight peak rental weeks during the year in the Algarve, during July and August. A villa like Villa Goswami costs €9000 for around six weeks out of the year. It’s the same house all year round, so if you can visit in April, October, or other fringe months, when the weather is still beautiful  you could have the same luxury for half the price

Book Early

Often villa owners are happy to offer discounts for the security of having their calendar filled early in the season. It’s one less thing to worry about. However, July and August always rent, and the potential discount for these months is lowest


This is where the massive value can be achieved, assuming you’re compatible with those with whom you share! A two bedroom luxury apartment or town house may cost up to 25%-30% of a luxury villa. Several couples or families, or other group of adults splitting the cost means that the luxury home can cost you less than an individual property each. Beware, if you’re worried that you may not get on with your potential house sharers, then you’re probably better off going it alone.

Taking a multi-generation family group can also work out really well financially. Huge luxury villas have the comfort of loads of space. For those who like peace and quiet, you can find the right villa with sufficient private areas.

There can be great savings while on holidays

Dining and entertaining is much cheaper and more pleasurable if you’ve an amazing holiday home in which to enjoy the experience. If you stay in a hotel, you’re doomed to eating out, at meal times, or restricted to hotel and restaurant food. Apart from being expensive, it’s not always the healthiest option. Nipping into the kitchen to make a snack is very handy. There’s huge freedom in being able to prepare your own food. Added luxuries such as wifi are typically standard in upmarket villas.

Long-stay discounts

If you get on well with the owner, you may be able to agree special deals for occasional visits during the year, and perhaps if you’re lucky enough to be able to do it, you might find a great deal for stays of two weeks or more during quiet periods. At UltimateAlgarve, we’re more than happy to reward loyal guests with special deals. You’ve a much better chance of agreeing a friendly deal with a private owner than a hotel group.





Precautions when renting a car for your holidays

Precautions when renting a car for your holidays

You want your holiday to start the moment you sit on the plane, not five hassle-filled hours later!  So tick off the potential hassles early and then you can relax!

Algarve Health Camps 2013

Whether you holiday at home or abroad this year, if you plan to hire a car, then follow these steps before you drive off in a rented car. We try to protect you from unscrupulous car-hire companies, and indeed from unwelcome delays when you arrive in Faro airport. You don’t want to hanging around for an hour or more to collect a hire car, particularly if you’ve children in tow. 

The time to check the car-hire small print is before you travel, and not after you arrive when your back is to the wall and you’ve very little choice but to accept sneaky little surprises!

1. Check the price

Even if the price claims to be “inclusive”, there are a number of items and services that may not be included in it such as:

  • Child seats
  • Additional driver(s)
  • No distance limits
  • Returning the car outside of business hours
  • Crossing international borders
  • Returning the vehicle to a point other than the pick-up point or to an airport
  • Excess insurance

2. Check your deposit 

Make sure that any deposit you pay will be deducted from the total price and will not appear as a separate, additional charge on your credit card bill.

3. Check the contract

To understand what your rights and obligations are, always read the contract carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask about anything that you don’t understand before signing it. Never sign a contract unless you are clear about its contents and are happy with all the terms and conditions attached to it. It is important to check the excess for damage.

Pay particular attention to the following:

  • What exactly is included in the contract for the price quoted or advertised?
  • Insurance Policy: does the insurance policy cover all the drivers who intend to drive the car, what type of insurance coverage is involved and do you have to pay an excess if there is a claim? Excess Car Hire Insurance can provide peace of mind as excess can range from €500 to €2000+ depending upon the country where the rental is taken.
  • Fuel Policy: is there a charge if you don’t return the car with a full tank of fuel?
  • Driver Policies: are there insurance restrictions on the amount of people who can drive the car and/or their age?
  • Breakdown Policy: is it clear what you should do in the event of the car breaking down? If not, ask the rental company for details. Never try to fix the car yourself or have any work done without checking with the rental company first.
  • Returns Policy: is there a charge for returning the car to a different location than you picked it up at, or at an airport?
  • Cancellation policy: is there one and what is required?

4. Check the condition of the car

When you pick up and return the car, make sure you get an employee of the rental company to confirm, in writing, any damage that’s on the car before you drive it. You should also do this when you drop the car off to confirm that no damage occurred while you had the car,and to avoid paying excess for damage.

Usually, you will be given a checklist or a diagram of the existing exterior damage when you pick the car up. If not, make a list of your own and have it signed. Doing this can avoid paying excess for damage.

Check that the car’s equipment i.e. – lights, air-conditioning, tires, windscreen (a small chip can become a big problem), are in good order before setting off.

5. Check where you can go

Are there any limits on the distance you can travel in the rental period? Is crossing International borders allowed? Also check if you need an international driver’s permit or other documentation in the country you are renting in.

6. Check the insurance

Make sure the insurance you, and anyone who will be driving the car, take out is adequate for your needs. Also, will you have to pay any excess in the event of something going wrong? If you are liable for an excess then buying excess insurance before you travel can help protect you against having to pay a large excess in the event of damage to your hire car.

7. Check the car when you return it

It is never advisable to return a vehicle outside business hours as you can’t get someone to confirm that no damage has been done. If you must do this, pictures showing the condition of the car may suffice as evidence that no damage occurred during the rental period. Leave yourself enough time to check the car and don’t